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If your having your ceremony outside during the summer months be sure to think about the time of day you want to start. Reciting your vows at temps above 90 degrees in harsh sunlight in your wedding dress and tux can be quite uncomfortable. Also the effect on hair and make up can be interesting. If your ceremony is between 12pm-3pm be sure to stay well hydrated, heat stroke can definitely put a damper on things.
When exchanging rings and sharing that first kiss, don't be afraid to turn towards each other, or even towards your guests. Even though your officiant will be speaking, you do not need to be facing them. Let everyone see these very two special moments! Are you a contemporary couple crafting your own JP ceremony? Don't trim it to the bare essentials, a quick kiss and an "I do !" We sometimes hear from couples that they want to minimize the formalities, and get to the celebrating. Instead, incorporate meaningful ways of characterizing your vows that will resonate with you and your guests. Does your nephew play the violin? From a iTAP Media's point of view, the time gained allows for more opportunity to get the right shots.
You stand at the alter for 10-20 minutes...when its time to put on the ring, the kiss, take your time, don't rush through, enjoy the moments. This will also give plenty of opportunity for great unposed photos!
Walks: take your time. Walking to the ceremony with your dad, leaving the ceremony with your loved one, and coming to a reception exit are important moments which provide for "must have" photographs that will be certainly included in your wedding album. Some brides like to run on all of those would-be walks. Girls, please-walk s l o w l y. Don't even be afraid to stop completely. Let your guests look at you. Savor every tiny bit of what's taking place and give iTAP Media valuable time. I promise that life itself will reward you. This will not only let iTAP Media take more than just an ordinary picture of a walking couple, but also will enable close-ups that capture what you, your dad, or your new partner feel at those moments. Don't look down. Red-carpet stars never look down, and on your big day, you are that red-carpet star.
When planning your exit stay away from the bird seed or lavender. It tends to look like dust in the photograph and I actually had a bride choke on the mass amounts of bird seed that was tossed into her mouth! Not a pleasant way to leave a party. Try using bubbles, flower petals or sparklers instead.
We been to hundreds of receptions, and most brides choose a reception location with lots of different criteria. We have a few of my own criteria that you might want to consider. First, what does the ceiling look like. It's probably the one area that most people forget about. A simple of addition of lit globes means the difference of elegance or disaster. You might think that the gawdy random chandelier looks nice in person, but is somewhat of an eyesore in photographs


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