Computer Services


Computer Services

We repair and service computers- all brands and types. If you’re facing problems with your computer like if its operating slowly; unable to access your information; displaying uncertain messages and cannot log in, we can fix your machine.
We can also upgrade your old computers to accommodate your use and suite the fast changing technology and they will perform faster and better
*We can also revive idle computers and repair other computer components such as power-supplies; monitors; mother-boards etc.


*We provide custom built machines, brand new and good second hand- all types and brands.
*We also sell computer accessories which include, USB Flash disks, Memory cards, Hard-Drives; Memory chips; Processors; Mother-boards; Monitors; Keyboards; Mice; CD/DVD ROMs; CD/DVD Writers; Power supplies; Sound cards; VGA cards; Modems; USB cards etc.


*We install and provide software that suite your different needs that makes your computer more user friendly.
*Operating systems include: Windows (98, 2000, XP and Vista); LINUX etc.
*Application software include: Microsoft Office; Audio & Video players; burning software etc.


We provide installations of Local Area Networks and Wide Area Networks so as to suite your communication standards accordingly to your environment such as schools; firms and other projects in particular and also servicing your network systems. This service we offer is up to date and the network systems are fast and reliable. We provide the latest network installation facilities such BASE BAND & BROAD BAND.

Our Vision

To be a force to reckon with in the Media and Information Technology Sector.

Our Mission

To concentrate our efforts around our customers and in turn provide excellent services and prices.


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