Web Design & Development


Web Design & Development

Multi Purpose

A website is your brochure, your business card, your portfolio and your customer hotline rolled into one. It provides your clients all the information you wish to disseminate to them. It’s a means of advertising to prospective clients, and a means of keeping in touch with your existing ones.

Create a customer/user database

-this helps you to identify your online clients, thus implement online marketing strategies and personal needs are met.

A Time & Money Saver

- A growing number of people use the web to gather information on products or services they need before actually hitting the store to buy because it is far easier to get information on the internet.
They access the web from their office computers, their homes and even internet cafes to get updates, compare services, products & prices. As a business owner, you can give your audience the opportunity to constantly learn about your latest products just ny updating your website, at an interval suitable to your needs. Equate thiis to having new brochures printed or new ads run.


- A website means you have a place your customers can reach you for after-sales support. Your site may provide answers to frequently asked questions, as well detailed information about your products & services. Alternatively, your site may give a list of e-mail adresses to write to for specific queries, which you can easily & quickly attend to from your own computer terminal.

The Great Equaliser

- having a website puts you on equal footing with your competition. While print, TV & radio ads require a great deal of money to produce; your website can be just as eefective a marketing tool. The trend for doing business online is growing. You should also consider that your competition may already have or will soon get their own websites and may lure away customers from you. The sooner you get online, the better it will be for your business.


- Web presence allows you to advertise to millions of prospective clients around the world. People logged on from other parts of the globe can access your business even while you sleep. Many businesses experience a deluge of enquiries & orders after putting up websites, and you can too. Being online means you are seen by a larger audience & your chances for multiplying your sales are high. You cannot get the same kind of market reach with print, radio & TV advertising.

Answering Questions

- Save time and money which can be lost answering the same question over and over by phone by providing your products & services on your website.


- Website visitors can contact you by email or contact form without the pressure of dealing with pushy sales-people. You can respond to their enquiries when it is convenient for you.

Our Vision

To be a force to reckon with in the Media and Information Technology Sector.

Our Mission

To concentrate our efforts around our customers and in turn provide excellent services and prices.


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