iTAP Media Pvt (Ltd) is a registered and wholly owned Zimbabwe company whose core business is Video Filming and Production, Photography and Web Designing and Development.

 Established in 2009, iTAP Media (Pvt) Ltd is an entrepreneur led company with very exciting ideas, composed of a team with vast experience in the Information Technology & Media Industries.

 We aim to concentrate our efforts around our customers and in turn provide excellent services, prices and after-sales support.


We are extremely passionate about what we do and there is always fulfilment in doing something you really love. We also believe that creativity is a fun-filled process of collaboration, which shows in our smiles as we work. We are approachable, friendly, open, honest and very down to earth.

So often the way you present yourself says more than you can actually say. That is why our aim is to make sure that the presentation of our work is as exciting, confident, energetic and fun-filled as we believe we are. iTAP Media has been in business for a number of years. During this time, we have built up a formidable wealth of experience and a fantastic reputation.


Our continuous commitment to innovation means that we can undertake jobs of almost any size while making sure we keep costs down, thus making the most of your budget.

We strongly believe that when it comes to planning and managing an event of any size, no one is better qualified, connected and as original as we are because the size of our network, matched by our passion to excel, means that if it's out there, we will make sure it's at your disposal.


Our Vision
To be a force to reckon with in the Media and Information Technology Sector.

Our Mission
To concentrate our efforts around our customers and in turn provide excellent services and prices.

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