The goal of iTAP Media is simple: capture the emotion and story in the most moving way possible. This means not only capturing the events of the day, but capturing them in a way that utilizes the best possible movement, angles, and lighting. We are young yet experienced filmmakers that consistently deliver innovative, fresh and clean wedding cinema. We are always looking to make our next video better than the last.

We not only record your once in a life time event, but we record all the precious moments that you missed on your Wedding Day. As you won't be able to look at all corners of the reception hall at once to catch all of the special moments of the day, it the duty of iTAP Media Photographers/ Videographers to take care of all that. iTAP Media will come to your wedding venue and film the whole event. Afterwards, our amazing team of editors will work with you to determine what should and shouldn't be kept on your wedding production. They can even add a soundtrack to your production if you like, from romantic ballads to traditional wedding music from your country. To  add flavour  on your final Wedding DVD, iTAP Media Editors use Hollywood effects & several other Video effects.



When you hire iTAP Media, you are ensuring that you will have a quality wedding DVD production to share with family and friends. You are also making sue that certain artistic flair is applied when filming and editing your production, which is needed when dealing with certain characters that you may have invited to your wedding!

 Click here to view testimonials from satisfied clients, and here examples of other wedding videos and photos. Hire the best in the wedding business. Hire iTAP Media and you get the best service at affordable rates.






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